Nurturing your spirit and helping you find your beauty and zen.

Our approach to beauty and wellness honors the intricate connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

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Owner and Founder, Laurie

Laurie Freeman-Jesseman is the owner and founder of Jophiel’s Beauty and Wellness in Shaftsbury. As a Certified Health Coach, Laurie is devoted to her clientele. Laurie sums up her practice when she says: “Jophiel’s is committed to nurturing your spirit and helping you find your beauty and zen.”

She recognizes that one’s radiance of both health and beauty shines best when the two are in balance. Looking great means feeling great, and feeling great means looking great! Laurie has worked in the salon industry for as long as she can remember, but it’s her passion and persistence to understand health and wellness

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Step into a world where your beauty and wellness take center stage. With personalized beauty and wellness options to empower you on your journey to feeling more relaxed, centered and rejuvenated!

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